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PostSubject: From Quizilla   From Quizilla Icon_minitimeSun Nov 10, 2013 4:33 pm

Full Name:
(First, Middle, and Last)
Known As:
(Nicknames, Stage Names, etc.)
Sexual Orientation:
(Heterosexual, Bisexual, Homosexual, Pansexual, Asexual, etc.)
(Your OC’s ACTUAL age )
(Birthday, doesn’t have to include the year)
Western Zodiac:
(Cancer, Leo, Capricorn, etc.)
Chinese Zodiac:
(Rat, Dog, Snake, etc.)
(Put down what your Oc is, American, Russian, African American, etc.)
(Just need to put the basics, their age and if they are alive and their name if you feel like it)
(Do likewise with siblings as you did with parents)
(If your OC has any children list their name and age here and who they live with)
(Do likewise with aunts as you did with parents)
(Do likewise with uncles as you did with parents)
✤Dreams and Talents✤
Current Occupation:
(Student, Teacher, waitress, etc.)
Dream Job:
(What they want to do, but if your OC already has the dream job put just “living it” or “has it”)
(Is your OC able to play any instruments, is your OC flexible, can your OC draw well? Well list it here!)
Hair Color:
(Natural hair color AND colored hair color if your OC dyes it)
Eye Color:
(List the Natural eye color and the contact color if your OC wears them)
(List the height of your OC here)
(List the weight of your OC here)
Clothing Style:
(Classy, gothic, punk? What style does your OC wear!)
Tattoos, Piercings, and scars:
(List tattoos, piercings, and scars here if your OC has them!)
(Does your OC wear perfume, has a certain shampoo, etc. If so, list that here if not just put “N/A” here)
✤Career Information✤
(This is where you list your Celebrity OC’s information, if your OC is not a celebrity then you can just delete this section)
(If your OC has published CD’s list the names of them here)
TV Shows:
(If your OC has been in any TV shows list them here)
(If your OC has been in any movies list them here)
(If your OC has done any charity work, list that here)
✤School Information✤
(This is for anyone, be it celebrity, high school, etc. but if you don’t want to fill this out/if it has nothing to do with your OC then go ahead and delete this)
(What grade is your OC in? 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th?)
Best Class(es):
(What classes is your OC best in? If any? List them here!)
Worst Class(es):
(What classes is your OC worst in? List then here)
(Your OC in any clubs? Then list them here! If not then put “None”)
General Grades:
(Grades for Algebra, Science, History, etc. and any other classes your OC takes. Just general, not “she had an A in first semester, B in second”, etc.)
(If your OC plays sports, list them here!)
(If you want to just give a general rundown for your OC’s past then that’s fine, but I suggest you put something here)
(What are they afraid of? List them here)
(How are they in a relationship? Sweet and shy at first and then a total dick, or is your OC just really sweet in a relationship? And does your OC put out on the first date, or does your OC prefer to get to know their partner before your OC allows any touching? List it here)
(List your crushes name here!)
(I generally don’t put down a personality for my OC because I want to allow them to really develop during the RP. But if you are doing an original RP then you need to put down your crushes information as well as their personality!)
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