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 Don't be afraid to cry. Tears have the magic to heal a broken heart.

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PostSubject: Don't be afraid to cry. Tears have the magic to heal a broken heart.   Thu Apr 10, 2014 4:16 pm

TITLE: Don't be afraid to cry. Tears have the magic to heal a broken heart.
WARNING: Dabble May Suck
COUPLES: Jereth(The Goblin King)/OC
DISCLAIMER: I do not own the Labyrinth or any characters recognizable but my own! Thank you!
COMMENT FROM WRITER: This is the fifth in a series of drabble's (THE QUOTES DRABBLE CHALLENGE FROM ASSASSINSDEN.NET) [5.] Don't be afraid to cry. Tears have the magic to heal a broken heart. I'm sorry if this sucks and/or is disliked.

Don't be afraid to cry. Tears have the magic to heal a broken heart.

Some maybe shocked to find out that, The Goblin King, Jereth did eventually get over his love of the young girl, Sarah. To understand what happened one must know that he suffered after her leave of him. Believing that there is no one to return any affection that he could perhaps feel and give to which he resigned himself to a miserable life. All beings who know him or of him were unhappy and concerned to see The Great Goblin King suffering such misery. So much so that a group of other magical beings decided that it was time for a intervention. Gathering together a small group banded together to search both magical and non-magical worlds for someone who could be the answer of the question; Could someone love him and could he perhaps return such affection???

About four months into the search, an actual year after the Sarah Incident, a young woman in the non-magical world that fell under the criteria of the possible. Lilyanna Barton was walking in the park when she was surrounded by a bight light. Finally her vision cleared and she appeared to be in a ball room looking down she was in a sea green dress making her feel almost like a mermaid. Not sure how to react she decided to roll with whatever was going on to make the most of it and to worry about it all later.

Bumping into someone Lilyanna went to apologize when her breath caught in her throat. Looking into the eyes of who she bumped into she could see his pain and sorrow and in turn she felt his pain. Not bothering to say anything to her Jereth continued to walk away from her exiting the ballroom to the balcony alone looking up at the stars. Lilyanna walks out to stand next to him and looks up as well. Sensing that he was no longer alone Jereth looks down at her for is a good head taller than her.

Annoyed that he wasn't alone he scoffs so that she notices his discomfort. Her face looks sadly up at the stars not going to turn her face to him she begins to speak. "I may not know you nor what you have been through, but I do know that you shouldn't be afraid to cry over whatever it is that is causing you pain. For tears have the magic to heal a broken heart." Smiling a sad smile she turns to look at him. Jereth looks at her and against his will feels tears begin to stream down his cheeks.

That night he spoke with Lilyanna telling her of his broken heart and of who and what he was. Expecting her to push him away he was surprised when she took his and in hers with a sad smile. She then shared her own heartache with him and they became fast friends over there own healing tears that night to later in years becoming something so much more. Their story of how not being afraid to cry and that tears have the magic to heal a broken heart is shared among all the magical creatures who all see the truth in their lives with one another.
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Don't be afraid to cry. Tears have the magic to heal a broken heart.
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