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PostSubject: Demons Before Dawn    Demons Before Dawn  Icon_minitimeSun Dec 29, 2013 9:29 pm

Demons Before Dawn  Cooltext1354376085_zpsa07f249e

The land of Amaranthia is a vast and valuable in riches but also equally cruel and
perilous. Once a region united under one banner, Ruled by Warrick Nerthus he was
ultimately known for his title The demon of mutilation. He earned this title
through his ruthless aggression on his road to rule. Hated by many loved by few ,
Finally content he could leave behind his legacy without worry he spent his
remaining days reliving past battles with his loyal generals.

Now divided between two heirs.

Alexus Revair (LX for short) Rules the southern half of the region and leads with her
unique elegance. On the battlefield it was said she fought like a graceful tiger.
Hence came about her banner Tigers Of BloodMyst.

Robert Ashkore Rules the northern half of the region and leads with his unrelenting
ferocity. On the battlefield it has been said that he fought like a savage wolf.
Hence came about his banner Crimson Wolves.

Each clan is equally worthy...

What path will you take?
Site Link http://demonsbeforedawn.boards.net/
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Demons Before Dawn
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