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 This is based off a Drabble Challenge!!!! Set in The Avengers!!

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PostSubject: This is based off a Drabble Challenge!!!! Set in The Avengers!!   Mon Jan 27, 2014 3:29 pm

Title: Learn About The Past. It Will Help You See The Future.
Warning: Drabble May Sucketh!!!
Rate: PG (I think)
Couples: N/A
Disclaimer: I do not own The Avengers just my jacked up OC.
Comment From Writer: This is for the Quotes Drabble Challenge from assassinsden forum (3.) Learn About The Past. It Will Help You See The Future.

Well the day had started like a normal work day for me. I was up before dawn cleaned up, dressed, had breakfast and was off on my way to the base by six. Thats when things went to all hell for lack of better wording. The car I had been driving was a government black SUV like the ones you see in movies and tv shows. To continue I was driving when there was a bright light, so bright in fact that I had to close my eyes and just knew that some crazy driver was crashing into me. Then I felt a piercing pain in my head that was so sharp that I passed out knowing I was going to die in this 'car accident'.

I awoke in what could only be an interrogation room checking myself for injuries quickly finding none and sitting up in utter confusion. Before me was a metal table with two matching chairs on opposite sides of the table. I was slightly confused but grateful that at least I wasn't dead but then thought that perhaps I might be after whoever it was brought me here. I stood from the floor which by the way was solid concrete and sat down in one of the chairs farthest from the door so that I could see when it was opened. After what felt like hours having decided that the camera in the corner by the door was not going to provide entertainment by making faces at it the door finally opened and in came someone who I thought only existed in fiction. Director Nick Fury of SHIELD, shut the door and took a seat in the chair opposite of me. In the span it took him to shut the door and sit down my mouth had fallen open in shock and snapped shut with me quickly averting my eyes to the tables surface. How could this be?

The Director slapped a folder full of papers down on the table I couldn't help but smirk knowing that if my theory was right that all those papers didn't pertain to me at all. Looking up at the ever so serious Director my smirk faded knowing that I had to do my best to play it safe.

A month later.

Finally I was being taken seriously after being locked up for a month. Walking through the halls of the helliecarreir surrounded by armed agents was kind of cool. Finally we had made it to the bridge and all the chatter that I had been able to hear down the hall ceased. Walking to a big round table the agents in front of me stopped turned and pulled me forward ahead of them shoving me down into a seat. 'Well hello Director." I look around the table it seems the Avengers are all here well course minus Barton. "You know I would have thought when Loki first popped up in where is that base… New Mexico…. that you would have brought me in on it." There was some shocked faces around me. Thats when Tony Stark decided to make his snarky comment, "So this is the Crazy Chick?"

My left eyebrow shot up almost as in reply. "Well Mr. Stark if thats the worse that you have heard of me then I must say I'm flattered. Oh, question for you Hows your relationship with Ms. Potts? Good I hope." Starks smirk faded quickly. "This isn't why you were brought on bored Ms. Stafford." Fury says sitting down directly across from me. I smile as he continues, "We've captured Loki as you said we would right where you said we would." I smirked at the faces around me, "Well Director I am guessing that now since my knowledge seems to be of your interest that you will take me more seriously and oh I don't know help me get back home?" The Captain then shocks me talking, "And how are you to help us Ma'am?" Looking to him I can't help but smile, "Well Captain, Haven't you heard the saying that 'The past tends tends to repeat itself.'? Which in my thought is that you learn about the past and it will help you see the future. Unlike all of you I know the future…. well your futures not really my own." At the end I'm looking down at my hands that are still cuffed together. It was here that I was looked at differently by the group that was around me.

Looking up at them I continued before they could say anything, "If you do not think of your enemies past your will not understand what he does in the present or what he plans for the future. You must unite as a team or you will fail and I fear that even though I am telling you all of this that a life will have to be lost so that it will happen." I look over to Thor, "You may consider him your brother Thor but you must remember the pain he has felt in your shadow." Then turning back to the Director, "You believe in me yet director or would you like to lock me back up in that lovely little prison for another month till you see a need for me again." I stand up when Natasha speaks up, "What is it exactly that you know?" I look at her, "When you see Barton, Ms. Romanov I recommend hitting him really hard on the head to knock him back to his censes. Which if I'm right should be soon." She looks down at the table when Bruce says quietly, "And what of the cube?" I smile at him, "Well its currently moving to the power source needed to open the portal. By the way Dr. Banner I know you aren't going to like to hear this, but the other guy isn't so bad." This made Stark smile, "See told you."

Rolling my eyes the cuffs around my wrists fall off to the ground, "All of you are going to have a little spat amongst each other in Dr. Banners little lab where Loki's scepter is and when that happens all hell will break loose and I will do what I can to save the life that is suppose to be lost that you can work as a team." And that's when I learned from my past so that I can help to see the future that I can save at least one life.
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PostSubject: Re: This is based off a Drabble Challenge!!!! Set in The Avengers!!   Wed Jan 29, 2014 7:07 am

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This is based off a Drabble Challenge!!!! Set in The Avengers!!
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