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 Second in the drabble challenge!!!!

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Second in the drabble challenge!!!! Empty
PostSubject: Second in the drabble challenge!!!!   Second in the drabble challenge!!!! Icon_minitimeMon Jan 27, 2014 3:24 pm

Title: Trust Yourself And You Will Know How To Live.
Warning: Drabble may suck hey it is a drabble.
Rate: PG (I think)
Couples: N/A
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my OC!!!
Comment From Writer: This is for the Quotes Drabble Challenge from assassinsden (2.) Trust Yourself And You Will Know How To Live.

I remember when I was younger my father would tell me that "We as in people had to trust others so that we could live." Now he was one of the first that I personally knew to become victim of the zombies. Course it could be due to the fact that he was over weight and couldn't run well, but hey which of us is alive. I was 23 when the world went from just bad as in fighting normal people to total shit storm as in fighting flesh eaters. And that's what I'm currently doing running backwards while shooting at the undead.

Columbus looks into the backseat seeing that both Little Rock and Wichita are sleeping. "What tha' hell?" Startled from his thoughts by the only other person awake Columbus looks over to Tallahassee who slows their newest vehicle (A sucky minivan! in Tallahassee's opinion) down. Before them on the road they see a figure shooting down a small group of about 10 to 11 zombies. Before they know it all zombie's are down and the small figure looks around in full alert once the eyes of the mystery person looks at the minivan their head cocks to the side. The two girls in the backseat now awake from the gun fire that was fired moments ago too are looking out at the mystery fighter.

Grabbing their own weapons the four get out of the minivan all weapons even the strangers are aimed at the ground. Tallahassee didn't want to have to babysit another kid but he was curious. Wichita was suspicious and all things considered that wasn't a surprise. Columbus was thinking that perhaps this person could join them. While Little Rock wasn't sure what to think for certain. Sick of the silence I finally spoke, "So are we just going to stand here staring at one another or what?" Hearing the voice of a woman was a surprise to the four yet the small size of the woman then made it clear, this was no child. "Why don' you get in an we'll talk while we drive?" This was shocking words to Columbus, Wichita and Little Rock not expecting Tallahassee to want another person in the group. But I wasn't going to go with them, "Sorry but I'm better on my own." There was silence and since no one was moving the woman began to walk away while saying, "I have rules I follow and the most important one is "Trust yourself and you will know how to live." and because of that rule well I don't really trust others." And then the stranger was gone.

Columbus turned looking over to Tallahassee and knew from the look in his eye that this wasn't over. Knowing him they would go after this woman track her or whatever. Columbus wasn't sure how he knew but he was sure that Tallahassee would find the stranger. This stranger that only trusted herself expecting that being enough to live… He looks over to Wichita and Little Rock thinking that perhaps that this stranger wasn't the first person they'd run into that thought in such a way.

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Second in the drabble challenge!!!!
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