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 .:ff7:. untitled since it's random

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PostSubject: .:ff7:. untitled since it's random   .:ff7:. untitled since it's random Icon_minitimeWed Oct 30, 2013 12:05 am

untitled for now...
Chapters: 01?
Pairing: Yazoo x oc
Stats: I dk lol
Rating: G.. I think.

She waited for him yet he never came back. She wanted him to live but his brothers wanted to fight.
"Why me? Why did I fall for him?" She murmured to herself as she stared out the window of 7heaven.
Tifa near by, was standing at her bar, watching the young girl. She sighed and went to the kitchen.
Lenea who was sitting at the table with the young girl, sighed and went back to cleaning her gun. Her sword which was like Cloud's but a little smaller was laid on the table. She kept her dark blue eyes on Alexis, hoping she was ok.
Alexis turned from the window and laid her head down on the table. She closed her blue eyes and sighed. 'Yaz-kins, don't leave me like Sephy did.' She thought. She wished that Cloud would try to stop Yazoo but with Linya missing and Kadaj pissed...
"Damnit..." Mummured Cloud, walking in with a bloodly cut.
Lenea looked at him then went back to cleaning. She didn't care for what happened to him.
Tifa walked out of the kitchen and blinked. "Cloud? What happened to your arm?"
"Kadaj cut me and told me to find her."
"Do you even know where Lina is?" Asked Lenea, looking up at Cloud. Her eyes locked with his light blue ones for only a sec since Reno walked in, holding a locked out Linya.
Her long brownish black hair was cut to her shoulders. She had bloodly cuts all over her body as well as her cut up outfit.
Alexis looked up as Lenea stood up and followed Lenea with her eyes over to Reno. She blinked some. "What happened to Lin?"
Lenea shot her a glare that told her go get Kadaj even if she didn't like the silver haired guy. She then took Linya from Reno with him saying, "Hey! I was holding her." And went upstairs.
Alexis sighed and stood up. "Cloudie, can I borrow your bike?" She blinked some when he throw his keys at her.
"Just don't kill it, this time(1)..." He gave her a small smile then glared at Tifa who was cleaning his cut. 'I should have married Len when I had the chance(2)'
Alexis smiled a little and walked out of the bar.
Kadaj sat at what was a old house, glaring at Loz who was looking inccent(sp). "Stop it!" He growled. 'Only she can do that.'
Yazoo sighed from his spot by the wall. "Brother, shouldn't we be the ones looking for Lina and not Cloud?"
The younger brother glared at him. "He's the only that let her go alone. So he's the on-" He was stop by...
Kadaj blinked, seeing black hair and hitting the ground. "Ally..." He growled, sitting up some with the girl hugging him around the neck. "I'm not Sephiroth..."
She leaned back some and smiled. "I know but you were sounding like Sephy."
He sighed as she got off him and ran over to Yazoo, cuddling to him. "So what is it that you want, Ally?" He asked, getting back to his sat(sp).
She looked at Kadaj with sad eyes. "Lina has been found but she's ..." She glared as she was stop by Kadaj runing out of the 'house' and to his bike. Loz behind him. She sighed and looked at Yazoo. "Following?"
Yazoo simply{sp} shook his head. "Not.. this time..." He said in his low voice as he lead down to her face. He lightly kissed her then wrapped his arms around her softly.
She blushed lightly and smiled. "Than... I got my Yaz-kins back?" She felt him twitch from the nickname yet nod. "Yay." She cuddle to him.
End for now...
1. Alexis wasn't a good driver at the time and crushed into a tree. heh
2. Cloud almost married Lenea once but something happened and he got with Tifa. (kills Tifa...>.> )
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.:ff7:. untitled since it's random
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